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27 September 2017 / Read more

A Small Loan that Made a Big Difference

A good tailor is required to have the perfect tools and machines in order to work properly. That means the tailor’s needles, quilting machines and related equipment must always be in flawless condition. It is no secret that customers take their businesses elsewhere if a tailor fails to meet deadlines. Nothing destroys a tailoring shop faster than squeaky old machines with random breakdowns. Unreliable sewing machines are the perfect way to lose the trust of clients.

20 September 2017 / Read more

Turning the Wheels of Faith

When Faith’s brother passed away, the girl’s secondary school education came to a complete standstill. He was the one paying her tuition and with his demise, Faith had no alternative source of money. Her brother had been providing for her ever since their parents died over 10 years ago. Faith was stranded. She was in Form 3 and was remaining with only a year to complete her secondary school studies but she saw her future crumbling.

14 September 2017 / Read more

Living to Fight Another Day

Dorothy grew up knowing that her elder sister could not do everything on her own – she needed a helping hand. That is what Dorothy has been for most of her life; making the necessary sacrifices to make sure that her sister, as well as her family, lived a blissful life.

7 September 2017 / Read more

United with Sunday School Teachers

The crucial role that Sunday School plays in churches cannot be overemphasized. It is through Sunday schools that kids are taught discipline and morals and it is where a child’s upbringing is shaped in a righteous way. It is also where their spiritual welfare is strengthened from a tender age. However, without proper training, Sunday school teachers usually experience difficulties in reaching out to the children in a way that is interactive but persuasive.

1 September 2017 / Read more

“This scholarship is my breakthrough!”

When Kelvin Ndayisaba tells his story, it is both amusing and, to a certain extent, alarming. He narrates the tale with a visible expression of disbelief and gratitude on his face. Disbelief because he did not foresee a sudden positive transformation in his life and gratitude because he was offered what he calls “a turning point”

21 August 2017 / Read more

Tailoring for Cash, Sewing for a Living

We took a dusty road outside Dzaleka refugee camp, turned north and headed towards some distant hills. The motorbike we were riding billowed dust and gravel as we sped past huts, trees, small farms, a couple of ox-carts and herds of livestock.

8 August 2017 / Read more

35-Year-Old Working Mother Returns to School

When Jacqueline Hoya heard the news that she had been selected to commence a degree in education at Chancellor College, she danced with excitement! Her goal of going to college had finally been realized. Who would not dance anyway? She had worked hard for this day and the effort had ultimately paid off. A year back, she had re-sat her secondary school examinations and she passed with top results.

31 July 2017 / Read more

A Loving Sister to Refugee Churches

Have you ever heard of the name ‘Kanisa Ndugu’? Maybe not. Well, the term is Swahili and it translates to ‘Sister Church’. Setting up a church in a foreign country, especially when one is a refugee, can be a hard assignment. Many refugees lack the financial muscle, material and even moral support to plant churches or run those already established.

25 July 2017 / Read more

Born in Misery but Raised to Help

It was dark when the attackers crept into the refugee camp. The girl was fast asleep when the first gunshot rang. She woke up with a start. She had been exposed to a conflict zone before to miss the unmistakable clap of gun fire. More shots followed and bullets whizzed past. The camp went berserk. Screams from terrified people flooded the scene.

10 July 2017 / Read more

22 Year Old Girl Helps Support Family

Somewhere in Dowa district, in a village called Lilambwe, there is a girl named Esinala. Every morning at 8 AM, she bids farewell to her parents, shoulders her bag and sets for Dzaleka Trading Centre – a journey that takes about an hour on foot. Although the trip is long and exhausting, Esinala keeps a smile on her face knowing that she will return home later that afternoon with some money.

Dzaleka Camp- Integrity Church Primary School
3 July 2017 / Read more

Their Chickens Hatched a School

When we walked into the compound on that cloudless Thursday afternoon of 6 March 2017, the place was buzzing with kids. Jolly male and female schoolchildren donning sky blue ponchos as uniforms played within the premises, some chasing each other around while others simply watched the fun from a distance. A group of teachers meekly supervised the kids as a few other teachers who sat on chairs socialized with some of the children.

30 June 2017 / Read more

The Scholarship that transformed Jackson’s life

There is nothing more disturbing than an internal wrangle among family members. The circumstance is even more troubling if the family feuds lead to tortures and force members to escape to another country. Moving from a peaceful settlement straight into refugee life because one is threatened by their own relatives is a gruesome challenge.