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What We Do

Vocational Training

Vocational training is one of the tools of accelerating economic growth and alleviating poverty in developing countries such as Malawi. As There is Hope, we subscribe to that notion, so much so that we tailor our vocational programme towards the youth, who are seen as the drivers of economic growth – being the largest group of the population in Malawi.

Leadership Development Program

For change to effectively take root in a rural African setting, the whole community must be involved and the change must be accepted and endorsed by the leaders.

Social Enterprise

A sustainable income can transform families by providing necessary goods and services, increasing a sense of dignity and by allowing parents to be positive role models to the next generation.

There is Hope Bible School


We believe that the impact of any work which seeks to graduate refugees out of aid dependency will only reach its full potential when Malawi extends to refugees the rights of employment, freedom of movement, integration and access to public education.

Education Scholarships

There is Hope values education as a transformational tool that sharpens minds and a movable capital that can be utilized wherever people end up in life. We provide scholarship funding for secondary and university studies for young people with potential which would otherwise be choked by lack of finances. Our work is designed to benefit both refugees and local residents from surrounding villages as a large portion of these populations will struggle to access education.