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21 March 2024 / Read more

Yankho: Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Midwifery Dreams

She is a 2024 graduate, with a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery, and is a shining example of perseverance and focus. Coming from an extended family, and facing financial limitations, Yankho’s journey through university could have been much harder.

12 April 2024 / Read more

Lighting Up a New Era in Malawi’s Plumbing Sector

Leah Mtachila, a young woman from Mponela, is ready to transform Malawi’s plumbing industry. Through the Light Up project supported by Welthungerhilfe (WHH), she’s breaking barriers and paving the way for a brighter future.

22 April 2024 / Read more

From Farming Fields to Academic Excellence: Isaac’s Journey to Success

Isaac Mkwangwanya, a graduate from Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences, overcame financial challenges and food insecurity to become a beacon of hope for his community. The There Is Hope (TIH) scholarship program provided not just financial relief but mental stability, allowing Isaac to focus on his studies and achieve his dream.

There Is Hope Education Scholarships Beneficiary
4 June 2024 / Read more

Hope Shines Bright: Transforming Lives, One Scholarship at a time

Imagine a 14-year-old girl named Tadala Mbewe from Chileka village under TA Chiwere. Her parents are divorced and out of touch, leaving Tadala and her two siblings in the care of their elderly grandmother. Tadala’s uncle, a small-scale tinsmith, steps in to pay her school fees, but by the end of Form 1, he can no longer afford it. Tadala faces the devastating prospect of dropping out of school. This was a sad reality for the Form 2 pupil at Nanthomba Secondary School, until There Is Hope Education Scholarships programme stepped in.

22 November 2023 / Read more

The Role Model; the First Female Welder, Josophine!

She is 22 years old and a single mother of two who lives in Kasungu. She is the fifth born in the family of a retired primary school teacher. She learned welding and fabrication from July to December 2022. Josephine is a participant in the WUSC PIF project with There is Hope, which aims to […]

12 October 2023 / Read more

Pasco, the Genius!

Pasco is a form three secondary school student. He passed the 2022/2023 National Junior Exams with flying colors! Not just a cliché; he managed to get six As and five Bs. Yes, eleven distinctions in all the eleven subjects that he sat for. Rwandese by nationality, Pasco arrived with his parents at Dzaleka Refugee Camp […]

16 August 2023 / Read more

The making of the first female tailor…

Janet is a young mother of 1 child. She is 23 years old. Janet joined the Tailoring Course with the cohort of January to June 2022 and graduated in September of the same year. She heard of There is Hope from one of our graduates from the same trade. Her father encouraged her to enroll […]

14 July 2023 / Read more

Age Is Just A Number: Mariam’s Journey to Becoming a Tailor at 40

As we chat with Mariam Baisikolo late one afternoon in May of this year, she is interrupted by customers coming to seek her services or a passerby or two shouting “Atelala!…(Tailor!)”. The intriguing story of how the mother of 4 and grandmother of one became a trained Tailor at 43 is what brought me to […]

6 June 2023 / Read more

17 Years of Promoting Self-Reliance Among Refugees and the Host Community!

Our existence has been fueled primarily by self-reliance. We have spent the last 17 years working to ensure that refugees at Dzaleka Refugee Camp and the surrounding Malawian communities have access to opportunities that will propel them to attain self-reliance. Many great things have unfolded before our very eyes. Join us as we reflect on […]

9 May 2023 / Read more

The Single and Self-Reliant Young Lutia

  Lutia, who is 23 years old, is single and without a child. Many people in her town are shocked by this, as the majority of her age group are either married or have more than two kids. “I don’t want to enter marriage too quickly, or have a child before marriage. I first wish […]

26 April 2023 / Read more

The Young Solar Technologist

  “I am now able to take care of my needs, as well as my sister’s—my family’s…” Some individuals view vocational training as a substitute for formal education. According to unpopular belief, it is intended for students who are either unable to continue their education beyond secondary school or who have dropped out of both […]

2 March 2023 / Read more

The 14-year-old Girl Who Became a Midwife in a Labor Ward

“Even those that got married are struggling, I have seen most of them – married as they are, still rely on their parents for basic necessities. For the same reasons, I decided not to get involved in sexual activities!” She released a chuckle, in astonishment. The intelligent Dina said that it is not also wise for a young girl to get involved in sexual activities as it puts their lives at risk. “I also encourage girls my age that got married to end their marriages and return to school. More so now that the government allows teenage mothers to return to school”, she elaborates.