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Meet our team

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Our dynamic and diverse team consists of a multinational group of volunteers and paid staff

There is Hope works with an incredible group of talented, passionate people who are devoted to the cause. Our vision has always been to train and involve people from the local community and refugees from Dzaleka camp. We want to see more enthusiastic people develop their skills, helping others and making a difference in the local community.

At There is Hope, we aim to increase our paid staff, giving people income and dignity but we also rely on the generous contribution of our volunteers. We want you to see the people behind the work here, the beautiful faces of so many incredibly good people.


We are a multicultural team of 62 staff members including local professionals from the host nation and international volunteers from the refugee community.


Cathreen Ndege-Chirwa: Executive Director

Florisa Magambi: Director of Kibébé Limited

Doreen Fachi: Programs Manager

Dalitso Mombera: Administration & Human Resources Coordinator

Austin Mwiska: Accountant

Francisco Fhote: Communications Coordinator

Beatrice Chitimbe: Education Coordinator

Mickson Chunga: Leadership Development Coordinator

Maria Doreen-Chiponde: Kibébé Coordinator

Edward Tembo: Administrative Officer

Maria Kondoni: Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Patrick Muhime: Vocational Training Coordinator

Atupele Simfukwe: Assistant Accountant



Our SMT consists of 4 members;

  1. Cathreen Ndege-Chirwa

Masters in Development Studies, Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Studies, Bachelor of Social Science

“I am really passionate about working with vulnerable, disadvantaged, and marginalized communities. I am committed to helping less privileged families discover ways of living dignified lives.”

      2. Doreen Fachi

Master’s in Business Administration, Bachelor of Applied Information Technology


Being a member of a team that contributes to the improvement of the villages of Dowa District and the displaced people of Dzaleka inspires me. When a graduate uses the assistance provided by There is hope to launch a new business or get employment, and they affirm that their lives are growing better since their income has increased, it makes me very happy. I’m motivated to serve as God’s vessel for bringing honor to other people.

         3. Dalitso Mombera

Master’s in Business Administration, BA Human Resources Management.

When I hear success stories from TIH beneficiaries whose lives have improved as a result of learning various skills from our Vocational Training School, I feel incredibly thrilled and encouraged. They possess these abilities permanently as they relive B.B. Kings words; “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.


         4. Austin Mwiska

Bachelors of Accountancy, ICAM Diploma, Member of ICAM.

“Contributing to the welfare of underprivileged young adults motivates me.”


Our Board of Trustees consists 6 members.


  1. Chiza Austin Patrick Jere (Board Chair)

Finance Director, Alliance One Tobacco Malawi Limited.

Bsoc.(Econ), FCCA, CA(M) MBA(Essex) and ILM(UK)]

I have been on the board since 2020.

The mutuality of TIH in integrating Malawians and refugees in offering life skills and artisan apprenticeship is liberating and refreshing.

I enjoy empowering vulnerable people and supporting them to get their life back on track-as such, as a society, our progress will only be measured in how we treat the vulnerable members of our society and communities that we live.


            2. John C. Mastern

Country Ministry Director, Possibilities Africa.

MA in Biblical Studies.

I was motivated to serve in this ministry because it helps disadvantaged and displaced people; giving them hope for a better day.


            3. Lomagazi  Mphangela Jere

Principal Legal Officer, Office of Ombudsman.

I have been a board member since 2020.
What I find inspiring is that There is Hope does work that impacts and empowers vulnerable communities, a notion that I subscribe to.


           4. Simalike Tawonga Musyani

Entrepreneur and Managing Director at  Loulou Farms, Consultant in Construction Project Management.


I have been a board member since 2018.

I am passionate about instilling hope in the refuge and opening up opportunities for the host communities

which brings the two communities together.

I am inspired by There is Hope’s empowering of the refugee and host communities.


          5. Innocent Magambi

Founder, There is Hope. Chief Executive Officer, Inua Advocacy.

As a refugee from birth, Innocent Magambi  survived on emergency food handouts for the first 27 years of his life until he was offered the opportunity of a college education. He then channeled his resources to improving living standards for people living inside and around Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi by founding non-profit There is Hope.

Innocent led There is Hope for fifteen years, impacting thousands of refugees and Malawians through educational scholarships, vocational training and job creation.


          6. Peter Gowoka

Administrator, Creek ministries in Malawi under Baptist Theological Seminary of Malawi.

To date, I have been a board member for 7 years.

What I find inspiring about There is Hope’s work is that it promotes self reliance to the refugees and the host community by offering education, skills training and income generating opportunities.
I am connected to There is Hope in the sense that I subscribe to There is Hope’s goals and objectives.


Social Enterprise team / Kibébé

This is the team that supports over 25 artisans lovingly handcrafting eco-inclusive ethical products under the Kibébé brand at Dzaleka refugee camp. 

Florisa Magambi – Director

Maria-Doreen Chiponde – Coordinator of Operations, Partnerships & Export

Michelle Kamwendo – Accounts Officer

Zindaba Maliro – Operations & Admin Assistant

Sibongile Chakwawa – Sales Assistant

Vocational Training team

Our vocational training programme is delivered under the leadership of teachers and translators from the refugees and host community.