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There Is Hope Education Scholarships Beneficiary

Hope Shines Bright: Transforming Lives, One Scholarship at a time

In Dowa, the promise of a brighter future shines through the efforts of There Is Hope, with our dedicated programming to transforming lives through education. Our scholarships change the destinies of young Malawians and refugees, one student at a time.

Take Tadala Mbewe, a 14-year-old girl from Chileka village. Her parents divorced, leving her and her siblings in the care of their elderly grandmother, who struggled to provide for them. Her uncle, a small-scale tinsmith, managed to pay her school fees for Form 1, but could not continue. Tadala faced the prospect of dropping out of Nanthomba Secondary School.

Tadala, the eldest of three, has siblings in Standard 7 and Standard 5.

“My uncle struggled a lot with my Form 1 tuition and welfare. When I reached Form 2, he withdrew his support. He could not manage it at all,” Tadala recalls.

“My grandmother would not give up,” Tadala says. “I was chased from school in the first term of Form 2 because I hadn’t paid my tuition. I lacked basic life needs.”

Despite this, her grandmother persisted and found hope through an awareness campaign by There Is Hope at Dzaleka.


There Is Hope Education Scholarships Beneficiary

Tadala Mbewe after receiving her care pack.

Tadala applied for There Is Hope Education Scholarship program, and was successful. Today, the organization gives her a bursary that carters for her tuition, basic needs, and uniform. Her hope for an educated future is alive again.

There Is Hope Education Scholarships Beneficiary

Pupils under There Is Hope Education Scholarships programme from Madisi Secondary School, in Dowa

For vulnerable youth like Tadala, the Secondary School Education Scholarships program was introduced. This initiative helps students access education without worrying about tuition fees, stationery, and basic necessities. Education is seen as a transformational tool, providing movable capital for life. The Scholarships are offered to both refugees and local residents who struggle financially.


Each term, students receive a care pack with groceries, a solar lamp, and essential stationery. For girls, menstrual pads are included to alleviate challenges during their menstrual cycle.

“With these menstrual pads, I will attend classes comfortably,” says Tadala. “The solar lamp will help me study at night. The stationery came just when I needed it.”

Currently, There Is Hope supports 57 students, including 15 boys and 42 girls, from both Dzaleka Refugee Camp and Dowa district.

Through ‘There Is Hope,’ students like Tadala are thriving, not just staying in school. Each scholarship transforms lives and brings hope to entire communities.


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