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From Farming Fields to Academic Excellence: Isaac’s Journey to Success

In the heart of Dowa, central Malawi, a story of determination and resilience unfolds, as Isaac Mkwangwanya, a 26-year-old graduate from the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS), raises the bar for academic achievement. Isaac’s journey is not just a personal triumph, but a beacon of hope for many in his rural community of Kongwe, deep in the Dowa mountains and jungles.

Having worked his way academically, his selection to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health at MUBAS was a blessing in disguise. Isaac faced daunting challenges.

Self-sponsoring his education through farming, he struggled with the lack of basic necessities, including a personal computer, and faced the pangs of hunger alongside his family, living in the village. Despite these hurdles, Isaac’s spirit remained unbroken, and his desire for education unwavering.

“As a family, we faced financial challenges and food insecurity. Sometimes we slept on an empty stomach due to lack of food,” he shared.

The turning point came when Isaac learned about There Is Hope (TIH) scholarship program through a friend, also a beneficiary. The scholarship’s impact was immediate and profound, providing not just financial relief but mental stability, allowing Isaac to focus solely on his studies.

“The scholarship became a beacon of hope. I was motivated to work hard at school,” Isaac says. “Mentally, I was stable and I focused much on my school despite other problems faced.”

The support from TIH was a catalyst for Isaac, who became a source of inspiration for his peers. He fondly remembers being “one of the best students who helped the entire class to pass a drawing module at third year.”

He credits the TIH scholarship for his academic success.

“The scholarship gave me hope on achieving my dreams in life and also gave me stamina to work hard to accomplish my studies.”

With a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health now in hand, Isaac looks to the future with optimism. His aspirations extend beyond personal success; he aims to transform his community by advocating for the importance of education and supporting the youth in their endeavors.

Graduation day was a culmination of sacrifice and perseverance. The TIH scholarship has been more than just financial aid; it has been a journey of personal growth and professional development for Isaac. As he stands at the threshold of a new chapter, his gratitude extends to God and TIH, whose support has been instrumental in his academic voyage.

Isaac’s story is a testament to the power of opportunity and the enduring strength of the human spirit. It is a narrative that TIH proudly shares, showcasing the transformative impact of its scholarship program on individuals and, by extension, on families and the nation. As Isaac embarks on his mission to empower others, he leaves behind a legacy of hope and a path for others to follow.