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9 May 2023 / Read more

The Single and Self-Reliant Young Lutia

Lutia, who is 23 years old, is single and without a child. Many people in her town are shocked by this, as the majority of her age group are either married or have more than two kids. “I don’t want to enter marriage too quickly, or have a child before marriage. I first wish to […]

26 April 2023 / Read more

The Young Solar Technologist

  “I am now able to take care of my needs, as well as my sister’s—my family’s…” By Francisco Fhote Some individuals view vocational training as a substitute for formal education. According to unpopular belief, it is intended for students who are either unable to continue their education beyond secondary school or who have dropped […]

2 March 2023 / Read more

The 14-year-old Girl Who Became a Midwife in a Labor Ward

“Even those that got married are struggling, I have seen most of them – married as they are, still rely on their parents for basic necessities. For the same reasons, I decided not to get involved in sexual activities!” She released a chuckle, in astonishment. The intelligent Dina said that it is not also wise for a young girl to get involved in sexual activities as it puts their lives at risk. “I also encourage girls my age that got married to end their marriages and return to school. More so now that the government allows teenage mothers to return to school”, she elaborates.

7 January 2023 / Read more


She was motivated to pursues vocational training as she feels she can employ herself. She can as well work for other companies while operating her own business. She feels this is a skill and a job that cannot be taken away from her. “I lost the job as a Till Attendant but this skill will get me a job and a business that will be mine for the rest of my life”, she says with a cheeky smile.