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Vocational training

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Vocational training

There is Hope focuses on giving people tools to establish normal lives, enabling them to provide for the needs of their families and to graduate out of poverty. We provide training courses which are easily applied to starting a vocational career, giving the youth a chance to thrive and fulfil their potential. Financial independence gives women a voice and a choice, so we privilege female student enrolment.

Vocational training offers practical skills in bricklaying, carpentry, welding, plumbing and tailoring irrespective of the students’ levels of literacy or previous academic achievement, widening job opportunities for those who had dropped out of school, or were never able to attend due to poverty or disability.

There is Hope offers accredited vocational training for the refugee and host community. The programme began in 2015 and currently offers courses in carpentry and joinery Levels 1 and 2, bricklaying, tailoring, welding and plumbing. Courses take students through the theory and practical learning of their chosen vocations over a period of six months. Through these courses, we intend to provide skills that would enable these individuals to start their own businesses or seek employment.