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In the heart of Malawi, where hope meets opportunity, your support can create lasting change. Your Giving Tuesday donation ensures education, vocational training, and community development for refugees and vulnerable persons in Malawi. Join us today, and let’s make a difference together!

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Ireen now has a degree in Public Health

Meet Ireen, a Burundian refugee and recipient of our university scholarship. Originally aspiring to be a judge, a family tragedy redirected her towards ending maternal mortality. Switching to Public Health, she faced sponsorship challenges until our scholarship program came to her aid. Graduating in 2020, Ireen now puts her vision into practice, working to improve maternal healthcare and sanitation in her community. Your support empowers dreams like Ireen’s.

Jean is a community leader

Jean, a full-time pastor, recognized a gap in her leadership and joined the Leadership Development Programme, gaining insights that reshaped her ministry. From expert counseling to community leadership, she now addresses diverse challenges. Beyond biblical studies, the curriculum empowered her in areas like business management. Jean runs a successful mat-making business, reducing financial dependency on her congregation. Your support shapes empowered leaders like Jean.

Ethel is a plumber

Meet Ethel, a 19-year-old challenging norms in rural Malawi. Despite taboos against women in construction trades, Ethel enrolled in our plumbing course. Facing skepticism from her parents and colleagues, Ethel emerged as the first female plumber in her community. Working at the district hospital, she earned respect for her skills, becoming a sought-after plumber. Ethel defies stereotypes, uplifts her community, and inspires girls to break the cycle of dependence. Your support fuels stories like Ethel’s.

Pasco graduated Secondary School with honors

Meet Pasco, a Rwandese refugee thriving in Malawi’s Dzaleka Refugee Camp. With There is Hope’s scholarship, he aced his exams with 11 distinctions, setting his sights on studying medicine. His passion stems from the loss of his father in 2018, inspiring him to help others. Despite challenges, the scholarship provides him financial support and mentorship, shaping his academic and personal growth. Your support propels dreams like Pasco’s and breaks barriers to education.


Most importantly, every bit counts. But to give you some insight, here are some examples:

… Anything helps! Imagine, just 10 kind souls donating $600, and we could send a vulnerable girl or boy to University.

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