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maze donation for disabled people

Bringing Hope to People with Disabilities

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]“Alendo, alendo tiwalandire bwanji alendo, tiwalandire bwanji alendo, achokera kutali, kutali ku Dzaleka” This was the song that broke out when There is Hope distributed maize and clothes to parents of children with disabilities at Lilambwe village.

It was a bright Thursday morning of 9 February. The song, which in simple terms translates to “let’s welcome our visitors from Dzaleka” burst out among the people as soon as the car from There is Hope arrived on the scene. The villagers could not hide their excitement at the donation which had obviously arrived at a convenient period. More than 60 people received the maize with others receiving assorted clothes for children with disabilities they are caring for. Gracing the event, Group Village Headman Lilambwe applauded There is Hope for the wonderful gesture.

“These people are receiving proper care because of you [There is Hope]. They cannot thank you enough for what you have done today.”

Chief Lilambwe explained, further expressing that this signified a continuation of a lasting relationship that already exists between There is Hope and his community. Thoko Mexen, an official who represented Malawi Council for the Handicapped (Macoha), concurred with the chief and commended There is Hope for working with Macoha in supporting people with disabilities. Mrs. Mexen appreciated the partnership between There is Hope and Macoha.

“The skills that you give us help the group [of people with disabilities] move forward.” She added. Mrs. Stellia Kennedy, from Msakambewa village, who was one of the recipients of the maize, disclosed that her family would have been going hungry if it weren’t for our donatio.

“From here, I am going straight to the maize mill. I didn’t have any maize flour at home and this is a great day for me.” Said Stellia as she lifted the maize bag onto her head.

The maize was purchased with financial help from Deborah Joseph, one of our supporters from the USA.



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