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Cathreen Ndege-Chirwa

“I started working with There is Hope in July, 2016.  My job involves monitoring program activities to ensure quality and accuracy of outcomes, developing program evaluations framework to assess the strengths of the program and to identifying areas for improvement. I supervise program staff, facilitate meetings, and promote healthy relationships among the team and nurture relationships with partners and stakeholders.

What I like about working with the refugees is the realization that despite them lacking resources, they have skills or talents which when tapped, they can realize their potential and enable them become self-reliant and improve their livelihoods. For the Malawian community, I enjoy their ability to control local conditions and participate and share their ideas, visions and responsibilities in implementing community development. I enjoy building on what they are already doing so that there is sense of ownership. In this way, they do not feel forced and there is assurance of sustainability of the projects. This enables me to learn things from them as well.

I love making time for my family and doing things with my church ministries. I like watching football, reading news, and cooking!”