There is Hope is working with an incredible group of talented, passionate and devoted to the cause people. Our vision has always been to train and involve people from the local community and refugees from Dzaleka camp in the work. We want to see more enthusiastic people develop in their skills and knowledge, helping other and making a difference in the local community. At There is Hope, we aim to increase our paid staff, giving people income and dignity but we also rely on the generous contribution of our volunteers. We want you to see the people behind the work of There is Hope, the beautiful faces of so many incredible good people.

Board of Trustees

John C. Mastern

I work as the General Secretary of Baptist Convention of Malawi. I have been part of the TIH’s Board for 3 years. I was motivated to serve in this ministry because it serves the disadvantaged people and the displaced.

Lomagazi Mphangela Jere

I am a lawyer with over 7 years of work experience in the public service. I hold a Bachelor of Laws (honours) from the University of London. I am currently working as the Principal Legal officer at the Office of Ombudsman. I joined the board of There is hope in 2020.

Chiza Austin Patrick Jere

I am the Finance Director of Alliance One Tobacco Limited. I joined TIH’s Board in 2020. I enjoy empowering vulnerable people and supporting them to get their life back on track – as such, as a society, our progress will only be measured in how we treat the vulnerable members of our society and communities that we live. The mutuality of TIH in integrating Malawians and refugees in offering life skills and artisan apprenticeship is liberating and refreshing.

Leadership Team

The Social Enterprise: Kibebe team

This is the team supporting over 40 artisans lovingly handcrafting eco-inclusive ethical products at Dzaleka refugee camp. 

Vocational Training Team

Our vocational training programme is delivered under the leadership of teachers from the refugees and host community. 

Issah Mzaliwa (translator), Fabrice Martin (translator), Lovemore Odillo (carpentry level 2 instructor) Sarah Kamwendo (plumbing instructor), Noel Chawala (welding instructor), George Matafale (bricklaying instructor), Berthilde Munkanzigiye (tailoring instructor), Bashali Delyson (carpentry level 1 instructor) and Justice Kwanunkhatonde (vocational training coordinator).

Leadership Development Programme Staff

Here is the team in charge of our Leadership Development Programme.

(From left to right) Pastor Mickson Chunga (Leadership Development Coordinator), Reverend Anorld Katontha, Reverend Peter Waya, and Reverend Robert Banda