There is Hope-Vocational Training-Bricklaying
01 Jun
  • By Isaac Msiska
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Aiming to Beat Men at Bricklaying

Female bricklayers… It is not everyday that one bumps into a woman holding a spirit level and building a house or maybe sliding under a vehicle to fix a mechanical fault. In many countries – if not all – construction and engineering trades are heavily dominated by males, forcing some to believe that females cannot engage in those areas.

Refugee Food ration for 4 family per Month
23 May
  • By Innocent Mogambi
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Are Refugees Really taking over Malawi? Read the facts

The open letter to President Peter Mutharika by Mr. Kamwembe, Advisor to Northern Region Development Association, and a number of other recent articles on the issue of refugees in Malawi have caused me great concern. These writings are often stripped of facts and isolated from any context. I was born in a refugee settlement in DR […]