We focus on quality of our programs.

We aim for the highest level of transparency and efficiency in the delivery of our programs and utilization of resources

We set measurable goals and commit to continous

We respect and value each other, thrive on our diversity, and work with stakeholders to leverage our strength in making a difference for our beneficiaries.

We aspire to live to the highest standards of honesty.

We do not discriminate people on the basis of religion, ethnicity, gender or disability.

We give credit to God for our successes.


Charity work is not a matter of giving handouts but promoting a sense of dignity by empowering beneficiaries to make the best out of their situation. Often times, poverty is not lack of material possessions but rather a state of mind developed through culture, beliefs and undesirable circumstances. Once challenged with love, compassion and care, the person’s attitude can be transformed to the extent of them becoming a source of inspiration and support to others.

Therefore, our greatest input is not just money but time invested in our beneficiaries to listen, understand, and to share in their suffering and joy. Through forming authentic relationships we gain guidance on what the real needs are, and then embark on the transformation journey together. We endeavour to make a lasting positive impact on persons we engage within the communities we work. We offer our services to the refugees and the host community to foster understanding and positive integration,  tolerance and mutual benefit.

Our services are offered following non-discriminatory policies.