There is Hope is working with an incredible group of talented, passionate and devoted to the cause people. Our vision has always been to train and involve people from the local community and refugees from Dzaleka camp in the work. We want to see more enthusiastic people develop in their skills and knowledge, helping other and making a difference in the local community. At There is Hope, we aim to increase our paid staff, giving people income and dignity but we also rely on the generous contribution of our volunteers. Working with people from three content we learn a lot how to improve and develop as an organisation and as individuals. We want you to see the people behind the work of There is Hope, the beautiful faces of so many incredible good people.

There is Hope Board

There is Hope- Board Member-3376

​Virginia Trindade

There is Hope-board members-3028

Tamanda L. Chidzanja

I am an administration manager for General Steel Engineering. I have been on the board of trustees for TIH since 2012. I enjoy being involved in the decisions TIH is making and seeing TIH make a significant impact on both refugees and the local community. 

I have been on the board of trustees for TIH since at least 2014. I am an Agribusiness Development Advisor and a farmer. I have seen growth in the projects at TIH, over the years. Lives have been changed and touched in the lives of the people where TIH operates.

The Social Business team

This is the team supporting over 40 artisans lovingly handcrafting products at Dzaleka refugee camp. 

Kibebe Team-2498

Vocational Training Team

Our vocational training programme is delivered under the leadership of teachers from the refugees and host community. 

There is Hope_Malawi-Vocational_Training_teachers-2940

From left-right:  George Matafale (Brick-laying teacher), Berthilde Mukanzigiye (tailoring teacher), Bashali Delyson (Carpentry Teacher)

Centre Staff

Six people are permanently based at our centre outside Dzaleka refugee camp, providing services to over 200 people a day.

There is Hope-Centre Staff

From left-right: Cosmos Banda (white shirt) (Guard), Boniface Banda (blue shirt with white jacket) (Area Supervisor), Gelson Patson (green shirt) (Guard), Frank Blaziyo (Guard), Gilbert Baseswa Karindi (green/black shirt with big smile) (Crafts Production Supervisor), Justice Kwanunkhatonde (purple shirt) (Depute Area Supervisor) 

Bible School Staff

Our Bible school is led by an inter-denominational, multicultural group of pastors.

There is Hope- Bible School Staff-2999

From left-right: Pastor Ernest Chikoya (Bible School Administrator), Reverend Eric Rukundo, Pastor Moris Banda, Pastor Mickson Chunga, Pastor Ceaser Nkhoma, and Reverend Robert Banda 

Mid Term Volunteers Team

We host volunteers to support our programmes. Here are our current mid-term volunteers.

There is Hope- volunteers-9282

From left-rightEllen Rice (Agriculture Project Advisor), Tori Henderson (Arts Coordinator), Kirk Belmont (Small Business Facilitator) and Amy Collett (Children’s Worker)